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Enega moisturizing body lotion

Our skin is exposed to many factors every day like- dryness after bath, pollution etc., moisturizer holds water in the outermost layer of skin and acts as a temporary barrier for your skin while keeping it soft. Enega moisturizing body lotion is enriched with natural & pure ingredients which penetrates deep into your skin & absorbs in seconds. It improves the texture of your skin by making it look fresh & healthy. It gives your skin that extra care and protection with 24-hour hydration for soft, beautiful feeling skin that lasts all day long!

Normal skin:

This type of skin is neither too dry nor too oily. Enega Aloe Vera care lotion is best suitable to maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin.

Dry skin:

People having dry skin type must choose a moisturizer that helps to restore & retain moisture to the skin. Enega Almond essentials & Soya softness lotions keep your skin hydrated for longer time.

Available Variants:

Almond Essentials
Soya Softness
Aloe Vera Care

Available Bottle size:

20ml, 40ml, 100ml, 300ml & 500ml.

Available Jar size:

20ml & 40ml

Enega SPF lotion

Enega SPF Lotion is a fantastic product formulated with natural extracts of Raspberry & Blueberry. It is available in two variants which is suitable for all skin types- Enega Advanced Whitening Lotion & Enega Sun Defense Lotion.

Enega Advanced whitening lotion- Raspberry radiance

Enega Advanced whitening lotion with SPF 24 helps to enhance your natural skin tone and provides ultraviolet protection from sun rays.
It’s an everyday sun care lotion which gives you that perfect even & fair skin tone, all day long by making your skin feel soft & beautiful.

Suitable for all skin types.

Available Bottle size:
40ml, 100ml & 300ml

Enega Sun Defense Lotion- Blueberry Shine

Enega sun defense lotion with SPF 30 PA++ helps to protect your skin from the damage caused by harmful sun exposure.
It prevents skin tanning and gives you an even tone complexion.
This sunscreen has non greasy formula which suits all skin types.

Available Bottle size:
40ml, 100ml & 300ml