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How to prolong the life of colored hair?

Who wants to go for frequent hair coloring, after all, the motto is to flaunt stylish hair for a longer duration. You also can do that, just by adhering to these easy to practice tips. Avoid excessive contact of your hair with water. As rinsing with water causes significant loss of hair color over the time, so it is always better to evade frequent wetting of hair post coloring. Never go for hot water for washing your hair.

If you really want to make your hair color last loner, then don’t be tempted for frequent shampooing. Shampoos contain ingredients which are meant to clean and condition your hair, but better to refrain from using them so often. Skip shampoo and go for conditioner only sometimes. Say yes to conditioner-only on color-treated hair, if you can, consider using moisturizing conditioner only on your color-treated hair, because shampoo can wash out more color from your locks versus conditioner.

If you are addicted to shampoo, then it is recommended to go for shampoos specially formulated to take care of colored hairs. You may choose herbal shampoo, or some other shampoos which behave mildly with colors on your hair. Special precaution is to be needed if red color is applied on hair, as red dye is most susceptible to color loss.