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Henna: The time tested hair color & conditioner

There are various types of hair problems depending on the causes and subjects. Falling of hair, dandruff, greying of hair are some main issues faced by men and women. If these problems are not addressed in a time bound manner then it may change the way your hair and in turn your personality look. It is thus recommended to not ignore these issues. There are various options to treat these ailments, but there is no single solution for all these problems, but if you want to make your hairs overall healthier or a bit healthy in a generic manner then you can bet for henna to a great extent.

The earliest records of henna usage from Egypt. For years, people have been using different stuff to bleach, dye, highlight, lowlight their locks. Nonetheless, we all are always interested to know about most safest and oldest hair colorant, henna aka mehandi. Henna is most trusted hair color. If you are going for henna as hair color and conditioner as well, then there is no question of allergy, damage to hair or concerned associated with some harsh chemicals like ammonia etc.

Therefore without any doubt, take care of your hair with henna, the natural hair care stuff.